Tom Carter

Glass artist and Carnelian Bay resident Tom Carter embodies the natural world, as does his artwork. This isn’t surprising when you learn that Tom, a native Californian, has made a career, rock climbing and skiing alpine peaks. Throughout the last 40 years, Tom has been a professional mountain guide, avalanche forecaster, and ski patroller. Lately, though, Tom has found himself more in the water than onshore, either swimming, paddle boarding, or free diving in Lake Tahoe.

Tom’s mountain and water aesthetic is present in all of his pieces. There’s no mistaking the source of his inspiration, or his desire to share his passion. His pieces are simultaneously bold and delicate and sometimes playful. His dedication to the color blue makes sense when considering the enormity of the alpine sky from the eyes of a Sierra mountaineer or a diver’s perspective from below the surface of Lake Tahoe.

Much of Tom’s work evolves from an unruly medium most dare not touch: recycled window glass. His process ensures that many pieces are one of a kind, a result of meticulous and methodical experimentation.

Some of Tom’s art incorporates metal objects he’s found at the bottom of Lake Tahoe while performing cleanup work, an activity for which he has received regional accolades.

Tom finds joy creating objects that reminds us of nature’s timeless perfection and limitless beauty. He hopes that his art also reminds the rest of us to enjoy the patterns, texture, depth, and color of the magnificent setting surrounding Lake Tahoe.