Chris Nelson, Natural Edge Saw Works

Chris Nelson is a Co-Owner of Gallery 5830, and owner of Natural Edge Saworks.

Hand tools, chainsaws, and an against-the-grain (pun intended) idea is how we got started in this craft. We decided that whatever we design and build, it should be done right: by hand, locally, and responsibly. We have been fortunate enough to have unique opportunities to recycle, reclaim, and salvage materials of all kinds, and subsequently have dedicated ourselves to this standard as often as we can. Twelve years later, having honed our process, our craft, and our style, we are focused on the things we love: originality, artistry, quality, and doing it all as responsible stewards of this world.

We strive to produce heirloom quality pieces that are innovatively designed, precision crafted, and sustainably sourced. Whether contemporary, traditional, or rustic, we always use high quality materials that are, whenever possible, harvested with viable intention. Our work is functional, creative, and we have a good time doing it. We will not have it any other way.