Eva Stramer Nichols

Eva S. Nichols is an award-winning watercolorist & instructor best described as an “impressionist colorist” inspired by nature. She strives to convey a mood and a feeling with her color choices, not necessarily to match exactly what she sees, but colored by what she feels. You can always recognize her use of bold colors and unique compositions. Even though watercolor is her preferred medium, Eva likes to work in mixed-media collage and acrylics as well.

In 2009-10 Danish born Nichols was an artist in residence at Mendocino Art Center, which started her career as an art instructor. She has a unique ability to inspire students to explore their creativity and grow artistically. Nichols has won numerous awards, and she was recently awarded Community Education Instructor of the Year 2013-14 by Truckee Meadows Community College. She is a member of the ARTisan Shop at North Tahoe Arts in Tahoe City, CA and several galleries in California and Nevada represent her. Nichols spent the Month of March 2015 as an Artist In Residence at St. Mary’s Art Center in Virginia City, NV, which is evident in her latest work.

My paintings are meant to be a joyful place for your eyes to linger.

Watercolors are a fluid and expressive medium and I love to let the colors flow and mix on the paper. Juxtaposing abstracted shapes with realistic details.

Unveiling more than what meets the eye, sharing the underlying joy and beauty of my subject matter and leaving something for the imagination. In some of my latest paintings I have used an untraditional way of framing. My watercolors are sealed with an archival varnish instead of being behind glass, so you have direct access to the images. I wanted to “break out” and remove the glass barrier between the viewer and my paintings.”

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