Elin Christopherson

With a primary interest in the glass arts, Elin renews ancient crafts and techniques in new ways, and makes work that often incorporates blown and solid hot glass, enamel fired painted glass, kiln fired fused glass, and mixed media construction, often with steel and other durable materials.
Elin wishes to connect the viewer to aspects of the environment of the West, noting that early governmental maps of the North American West were created to claim ownership of a frontier with few inhabitants, teeming with exploitable resources. She sees the next frontier as re-thinking our views of the land and its people as much more than resources to be extracted. Through her imagery, she looks at landscapes of the West, toward places where human activity intersects with nature.

Elin has taught glass art and sculpture through classes and workshops at schools including CCA, San Francisco State University, San Jose State University, University of Hawaii, Alfred University New York, Public Glass San Francisco, Pratt Fine Arts Center Seattle, Corning, Penland School of Crafts, Tacoma Museum of Glass, and Pilchuck Glass School. She maintains a studio in the South Stonehurst area of Oakland.