Don Kenedy

If you’re looking for wall décor, bowls, vessels, kitchen utensils, flowers, or whimsical animal pieces, then you’ve come to the right place! These practical, durable, and unique works are what Don Kennedy, founder of Cosmic Copper, specializes in creating. He is the mind behind the copper design. Copper smithing is a dying craft, and Kennedy helps keep this tactile and beautiful medium alive.

Kennedy is a native Nevadan who has twelve years of experience developing his sense of style. His work is one of a kind, his inspiration stemming from the world he if familiar with, which includes mountains, basins, mining remains, and the traditions and culture of the state he calls home.

His bowls and vases start as a flat sheet of copper. Once he shapes them and works his magic, some pieces take 15,000 hammered blows and others about 40,000 to texture. The petals found on some of his pieces are cut, worked separately, then welded into place. Some pieces use special treatment that leaves behind amazing colors.

Kennedy takes requests for custom work, and can be reached through his website. He also has an art show schedule, a few social media pages, and a newsletter for those interested in following him.