Cristina Acosta

My bears and birds and all of the others in my paintings are sentient beings who live in the last wild pieces of land left available to them. Nostalgic magic realism weaves among my images of people, plants and animals caught for a moment in my layers of paint. The layers became an image. The grain of wood has recorded time as rings of a tree, now it is a field of the timelessness behind the image. When I paint, I begin with a human or an animal in mind. I imagine the spirit of my inspiration. I’ve lived close to nature all of my life, in the mountains, rural ranch land, the California coast and desert. The energy of those places fills me with love and a remembrance of all of the past times I have felt that love. I remember the animals I’ve seen, the waters I’ve traveled, the mountains I’ve traversed  and interacted with all of my life. These paintings are one of the sums of my life. I am grateful to share them with you.

Cristina Acosta is a painter, writer, interior designer and landscape designer. She wrote and illustrated, “Paint Happy” (Northlight Books), illustrated children’s books including, “When Woman Became the Sea and It’s No Accident”. Cristina has designed home decor, including her signature line of ceramic tile she distributed through Ann Sacks Tile & Stone and Home Depot Expo stores for over a decade, 1991-2004. Presently, she contributes to home design publications, teaches classes in painting, drawing, and design, as well as exhibit her studio painting.

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