Brigette Nelson

After moving to Boise, Idaho in 2016, Nelson opened up her own studio and storefront: The Garden City Projects. The Projects grew into a community space. Located in the Surel Mitchel Live Work Create District where the studio hosted art shows, events, and many other gatherings, the space was a major catalyst and platform for budding artists in the growing art scene. After no longer running her business there, Nelson still continues to work, support, and be active in her Garden City community. She does this through participating in First Fridays, art shows, numerous pop-ups, and in markets when they happen.

After bouncing between studio locations and having to close two storefronts, Nelson now shares shop space in Garden City with her fiancé who owns a successful motorcycle business: Rawhide Cycles. Nelson’s fiancé specializes in vintage restoration, repair, and custom builds.

Day to day varies for Nelson. Bouncing between mediums and practices, she does everything from making jewelry to sculptural trophies. She designs and builds coffeeshops, living and working with the environment in mind. Nelson reuses scrap material as much as she can. When she is busy and active, she thrives – always keeping a creative, open mind, and positive outlook whether it is through art, being outdoors, or tackling DIY projects. Nelson also loves to snowboard, skateboard, ride her bike, and work in both her garden and on the house she recently bought with her partner.