Maggie Hargrave

I love the process of making pottery. My art is made in my workshop in Truckee, California be-tween mountain bike rides, ski trips, and hikes. The mountains of the Sierra Nevada inspire my forms and lines. Mossy pines, silky aspens, and clear-blue water filter my imagination. Every piece is formed and painted by hand and no two pieces are the same.

My dad tells a story about the time that he went into the asphalt business. He was just out of the Marines and recovering from a jet crash. He moved home to Evansville, Indiana and posted an ad in the local paper that read: “Vietnam Vet looking for a business op-portunity in or around Evansville. Small sum to invest and willing to work.” A man named Elmer Hughes responded to the ad and, together, they launched a business that took everything that both men had to give – all my dad’s money and Elmer’s life.

I grew up hearing stories about Elmer, The Southern Asphalt Company, and my Dad’s dog from his asphalt days – Harvey Wall Banger. There was the time that the workers went on strike, there were countless stories of Harvey following my dad’s car, there were stories about Elmer’s schemes and plots to strike it rich, and there was the time of the great pig chase.

The asphalt business didn’t go as hoped: It tanked. It is 45-ish years later and my Dad has many more stories to tell, but the stories about Elmer and Harvey and Southern Asphalt – those are my favorite. I tell them to my friends. I ask my Dad to re-tell them at parties and dinners.

Clay&Pine is my Southern Asphalt. It is the work of hands and sweat that I have in common with my dad. He hopes that Clay&Pine will be more successful – I just hope that I have as much fun as he did with Elmer and Harvey at Southern Asphalt.

All of my work is food-safe, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe – so eat-up and don’t worry about the clean-up. These pots are made to enjoy laughter, love, and delicious times with family and friends!