Brigette Nelson

After graduating from the University of Denver in 2010 with a BFA, focusing on sculpture, I moved to Tahoe to continue my education through three unique apprenticeships. Over the past six years, I have had the opportunities to work for a public artist, Troy Corliss, with a blacksmith/ metal fabricator, Toni Standteiner and for a jeweler, Lorien Powers. These experiences have shaped who I am as an artist and individual, pushing me to branch out and pursue working on my own. Currently, I do design work, custom glass fusing, metal fabrication, make jewelry and work with reclaimed materials. Highly influenced by my surroundings and the materials that are available, I incorporate industrial shapes that relate back to nature. My designs are simple yet meticulous and tend to develop and morph during my building process. A lot of my inspiration comes from the use of scrap material and being able to visualize what can become of something that already was.