Andy Cline

Reclaimed from the deteriorating forces of nature,Cline’s particular medium is then tamed, tempered and treated as little as possible in the interest of comfort, visual balance and structural integrity. Cline’s mission is to bring the voice of the wilderness directly into the lives and “living” rooms of humanity, in a veritable renaissance of environmental reverence.

Cline was born and lived his most influential and formidable years in Homer Alaska, a very different and fascinating living environment—a place where nature is one’s guide, teacher, and powerful wondrous provider. The wilderness was a constant adventure and inspiring force forCline. With this profound source he knew from a young age that all of life’s necessities could be created directly from nature. This foundation is the essence behindCline’s passion and artistic creativity, translating quite literally into his work.

“I revere my sculpting medium as more than mere wood, but rather as the tangible result of a harmonious voice from the earth itself– a visual radiance that displays the beautiful life struggle, occurring as organic soldiers breathe oxygen out to the inhabitants. In direct reverence to this, I refuse to mute this vibrant, visual luster with any pigments, dyes or colorant of any kind. From the naturally occurring blues and oranges to soft greens and purples, I see nature’s palate in more wondrous technicolor than man’s kodachrome universe could ever produce. ” -Cline